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Pest control is a growing problem partly because of the increasing numbers of catering businesses such as takeaways and restaurants. It represents a particular problem for these businesses because the mice and rats which live in the environment are constantly looking for an opportunity to enter buildings where food is handled or stored. The surroundings to any premises are often attractive to these pests if refuse is accessible to them or if there is a water course or waste ground nearby.We provide technical advice and practical treatments for a range of nuisance pests in residential and commercial properties.

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Pest Control Services

We offer a full range of pest removal services to customers throughout our local area and further afield.

Ants – Professional Ant Control Services

While DIY products can deal with smaller ant problems or with garden ants, a professional pest control service will be required for larger or multiple infestations of ants and particularly if they are Pharoah’s Ants.


The likelihood of an infestation of bed bugs is greatly increased in premises with poor, crowded and unhygienic conditions although it can occur in well maintained premises and the infestation can be detected and thus treated at an earlier stage. The eggs will be seen in beds, mattress seams and the backs of headboards along with dark spots of bed bug excrement.

In all cases, and particularly infestations of well-kept premises, it is important to try to locate the source of the infestation and a thorough inspection is needed to determine the extent of the infestation since this affects the control measures needed.

The main control measure is the use of insecticide – for example thorough use of a suitable aerosol sprayed onto furniture, room fabrics and other harbourages. Infested clothing and bedding must be laundered (or burnt) and close attention paid to removing fluff, dust and other debris from anywhere which can harbour the pests; for example cracks, seams and around mattress buttons.

If the infestation is traced to birds’ nests then the nests will require treating and the building often rendered bird-proof to prevent re-introduction.


Prevent Pest Control Southern offers a call-out wasp nest removal service to safely treat a wasp nest within your home or garden. Our service is fast, safe, effective and affordable.

Moths and Flies

Treatment available to remove moths and flies according to type and season


A thorough inspection of the site is necessary to identify the species and extent of infestation. As the cockroaches are nocturnal, a night survey is useful. The inspection can include search for droppings, or egg cases, monitoring traps, and/or use of a spray to flush out the cockroaches.

Basic hygiene management which denies access to food and water, and does not provide harbourage can reduce the population. Cockroaches can be treated with insecticides (both as spray and bait), but will require repeated and thorough application until all eggs have hatched. Continued maintenance applications at less frequent intervals are recommended.


Simple measures can minimize the pigeon population, by removing food sources and nesting places:
• make sure refuse is disposed of correctly
• do not feed, and discourage neighbours from leaving out food for birds or other wildlife
• block gaps in buildings which could be used as a perch or nest
• cover balcony openings with netting-but ensure that other safety hazards have not been created. Make sure the netting does not allow children to climb the balcony more easily.


In all rodent situations a minimum of a 4 part treatment is advised to greatly reduce rodent infestation. We are now able to use single feed poisons in and around buildings which may reduce treatment time depending on the type of location.

There are various treatments that can include baiting and or trapping.
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